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  •    Is your restaurant barely getting by?
  •    Are you talented and have mad skills but struggling to bring it all together?
  •    Do you want to rehab your concept and reinvent your restaurant?

If so, a major cable network wants to help you flip everything – from your food and décor to your brand and business – to give your dream a second chance at success. Track your progress, catch it all on camera, and change your fate.

You’ll need just 2 weeks this fall and an investment of $25,000 - $100,000 depending on the size of your restaurant.

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Fort Worth Renovation Show CASTING CALL!

Calling homeowners in the Fort Worth area!!

High Noon Entertainment & a major cable network are casting families in the Ft. Worth Texas area whose flavorless home cries out for one very important ingredient -- your family’s own style! An incredible local design/renovation team will transform your lackluster space into a vibrant home that reflects the family inside!
Here’s what we’re looking for:
• Homeowners who want a major renovation & would allow our team to take the reins!
• Renovations will be significant & will focus on 2-3 spaces in the home: a master suite! A
kitchen/dining/living area etc!

Think total transformation.
• Homeowners must have an existing renovation budget of $75k that will be utilized by our team
• Homeowners must be willing to vacate during the remodel
• Homes must be within 20 minutes of Ft. Worth
A local design/renovation team will transform your lackluster space into the home of your dreams-- and tell the story of your family in the process.

We're looking for homes within 20 minutes of Fort Worth, Texas.

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Do you live in a character-filled home in Pittsburgh that's eccentric, unusual or vintage?  Do you love what makes your home unique, but the house is outdated?

The Fords, an amazing brother/sister renovation duo, specialize in modernizing homes and bringing them back to life... while still embracing what makes your home one of a kind.

We're looking for homes within a 60-mile radius of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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