Andy McDonald

Sr. Director of Photography

Andy McDonald, SOC, has an eye for the artistic details and technical know-how and has touched almost every show at High Noon since his start in 2004.  Not only is he an experienced and talented storyteller behind the camera, his specialty is bridging the communication gap between field and post production.  As Sr. Director of Photography, Andy is in constant communication with DPs, ACs, media managers, producers and other field crew to ensure the visual storytelling, procedures, management and logistics are held to the highest standards across all of our shows. Additionally, he works with the line producers, post supervisors, AEs, and other post team members to ensure the style, tone, and creativity captured in the field translates through to the final product.  Andy's High Noon credits are wide ranging and he has traveled the globe filming development projects, pilots and series including How It’s Made in China, Taco Trip in Baltimore, Dude You're Screwed in Finland, Trip Flip in New Zealand and beyond!  You have seen his work on Netflix, Amazon, Roku, Hulu, Facebook, HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, Discovery, TLC, DIY, Weather Channel, and several other networks.  From multi-camera shoots to one-man bands, Andy has played an integral role on each and every project with his cinematography, directing and producing. One of his sayings is “I’m here to help!”…and he definitely makes himself available to talent and crew to make our shows excellent!

Andy McDonald
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