Candice Grubb

Executive Producer

Candice Grubb is an Emmy-nominated showrunner, director, and writer with 20 years experience behind the camera. She has guided nearly a dozen successful HGTV series, such as Fixer Upper, Good Bones and Farmhouse Fixer and contributed to projects on Food Network, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and Bravo.

Before joining High Noon, Candice began her career in scripted television and feature films as a production assistant, working her way up to assistant director and eventually script supervisor. She once informed Kevin Bacon in which hand to hold his coffee cup to match continuity, making everyone who knows her one degree closer to greatness. Her diverse background enables her to be a multi-faceted producer proficient in pre-production, directing and field producing, as well as post production in a multitude of genres from reality docu-soap, competition, renovation, true crime reenactments, and documentary. Her love of story-telling began while earning a Bachelor's degree in English at North Carolina State University and a minor in Film Studies.

When not making television, Candice enjoys traveling with her family and getting dirty in the mountains. She loves a good costume party, can make a mean birthday cake, and never turns down a chance at karaoke.

Candice Grubb
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