Dana Kopper

General Manager

Dana Kopper has 30+ years of extensive experience in cable production, managing over 5000 hours of programming at High Noon Entertainment. Her expertise lies in the strategic planning and execution of production processes, where she adeptly handles budgeting, scheduling, and overseeing a range of technical operations. She keeps the machine running and ready to pivot with the daily challenges that come with production. Dana’s role is critical in ensuring that the creative vision seamlessly aligns with logistical and budgetary frameworks in the production of over 200 hours of programming annually. She also serves as a vital connection between High Noon Entertainment and ITV America.

Prior to High Noon, Dana's career included a significant stint in the Los Angeles film industry as an Assistant Director, with notable credits such as "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. She is a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and she still loves the energy she gets on set visits and loves being part of a crew when she can. Dana is a graduate of Drake University, holding a BA in Television Production.

In addition to her professional prowess, Dana recently accomplished the impressive feat of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, showcasing her dedication and resilience both inside and outside the workplace. Besides travel and adventures like hiking and biking, Dana loves music and her family.

Dana Kopper
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