Sarah Presta

Executive Producer

Sarah Presta's recent credits include launching Fix My Frankenhouse for HGTV, Vegas Chef Prizefight for Food Network, and an upcoming series for Amazon Prime.  With 25+ years in the business and 30+ series under her belt, Sarah has tackled a variety of genres: from documentary to competition shows, crime re-creations to renovations, reality sit-coms and docu-soaps.  Her passion is imbuing story with the special sauce that makes t.v. magical.

Sarah has worked with such content partners as Disney, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, Caesar Entertainment, Major League Baseball, and the United States Air Force.  She earned her MA in Mass Communications at the University of Denver.

She enjoys avoiding yardwork, kicking butt in trivia,  unlocking life's mysteries, and co-authoring bios with her new best friend, AI.

Sarah Presta
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